Questions offer insights about how your life is flowing. It’s easy to go through our day without a thought about how it could be better or what we need to let go of to bring ease and simplicity to our lives. The beginning and end of the year are potent times to reflect on your life. It’s a time to dig deep and decide whether you’re on track with your life’s goals or whether you need to establish changes to course correct. Even if you are not measuring goals, enriching questions can help you to get at your own personal “state of the union.” Jodi Weitz, life and professional coach, offers a number of questions to help you to find the answers you need to make 2022 your best year ever.

Even if you are not measuring goals, maybe there’s other things you’d like to consider, like if you want to do more traveling or visit friends and family in these post-pandemic times.  Perhaps 2020 and 2021 taught you to prioritize the important things in your life, like relationships and a goal is to strengthen these.  By digging deeper into your year, in this case 2021, you can get an idea of the areas that you may want to let go to put additional energy into those areas that you would like to manifest.  If you’ve been wishing for something to happen in your life, then realize that it is simply a dream, as it takes planning and action to make things happen.

Questions Offer Insight

When asking yourself these questions, leave out the criticism and judgement.  It is not a time to beat yourself up about what you didn’t do.  On the contrary, it can be freeing and hopefully enlightening.  You can remove the unnecessary items off your life “to do” list and bring greater focus into the next actions that will bring greater joy to your moments.

Take this opportunity to get to know yourself better. Perhaps your beliefs and values have shifted and these questions can be a good way to redefine who you are at this time, in this moment, as 2021 is coming to end. With courage, comes honesty and vulnerability to face what is true.

To effectively do this exercise, ask each question one at a time.  Take a few moments to let it sink in then and write down the answers in a journal or a note taking app on your phone, like Day One, Diarium, Penza and Five Minute Journal.  Another way to do the exercise is to carry around one question with you ask yourself it 4-5 times throughout the day.

I want to thank Mac Ling, a coach who practices in Hong Kong, for a number of these questions.  Let get started.

Ten Enriching Questions (and a bit more)

  1. What did 2021 teach me about myself? How would I define myself right now? Use adjectives, feeling, emotions and desires instead of describing facts that everyone can see on the surface, like your job or the hobbies you engage in.


  1. Who showed up for me, and how can I nurture those relationships? How can I show them that I’m grateful for their support?


  1. What challenges have I endured through and have overcome this year? What steps did I take to deal with them? Am I happy with the outcome?


  1. What triumphs or successes have I experienced this year? What did I do personally to make them happen?


  1. How did I cope with uncomfortable feelings? How did I become aware of these feelings? Was I able to share them with another person, especially if they initiated these feeling within myself?


  1. What have I learned that I need on a daily basis to stay focused, balanced and positive?


  1. What do I need to accept about myself in my life? Do I find it hard to accept myself?


  1. How can I accept others more readily, stop judging them show empathy and compassion?


  1. What actions/thoughts are no longer serving me?


  1. What’s one area of focus I would like to prioritize for my personal development in 2022?


Good luck and happy processing!

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