Accelerate Your Professional Life

In addition to her regular coaching services, Jodi Weitz offers business coaching to professionals who want to save time and money building their company. You can expect innovative problem-solving to create concrete strategies to make your company successful.

As an owner of three business, Jodi considers herself a serial entrepreneur and guides owners to turn their passions into viable, profitable ventures.  Her mission is to get your professional life and business to the next level, quickly and efficiently.

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Business Coaching Benefits:

– Gain clarity to take advantage of business opportunities

– Determine key action steps and strategies that will make the most impact

– Remove obstacles that block your way for achieving goals

– Find balance in work to have a gratifying life

– Expand your vision to establish a strong company foundation

– Attract the right talent for your company’s success

– Free yourself from day-to-day duties to grow your self and your company

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Be Elevated. Be Impactful. Be Happy.