Ever heard of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? A CSA is a farm who will deliver a box of garden vegetables and fruits directly to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis without picking up a spade. Most farms are strictly organic and can even offer other items such as eggs and meat. You can also choose the food you don’t want to be delivered in your CSA box (spare the Lima beans, please!)

CSA’s take the financial risk off the shoulders of the farmer and diversification of the types of produce grown. The dollar amount you pay for the produce ends up being about $25.00 per week with the bonus of feeling good that you kept your money local, knowing where your food came from, and (usually) supporting organic agriculture methods which are better for our bodies and the environment.

Consumers experience many benefits when choosing to subscribe to a local CSA:

  • High quality, fresh, nutritious food: CSA produce is often harvested within days or hours of delivery, meaning produce retains more nutritional value and stays fresher longer
  • A direct connection to producers: consumers can directly ask producers about their growing practices and make choices to purchase from farmers that align with their values
  • Introduction to new varieties: CSAs offer what is plentiful and in season, which is a great way to get introduced to new crops you might not have tasted otherwise
  • Join a community: Becoming a part of a CSA connects you to likeminded consumers and allows you to participate in a more localized food system. This often includes the opportunity to participate in on-farm events for a farm’s “community” members.