Turmeric is a powerful medicine that has long been used in the Chinese and Indian medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions. It is now the one of the most-studied spices on the planet and has currently about 6,235 peer-reviewed articles published proving the benefits of turmeric and one of its renowned healing compounds, curcumin.

The most interesting finding is that when turmeric is compared to conventional medicine, the benefits equal that of many pharmaceutical medications. In fact, a number of studies have even reported that using curcumin is more advantageous than the following prescription drugs, as seen below.

– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti-depressants (Prozac)
– Chemotherapy
– Anti-coagulants (Aspirin)
– Pain killers
– Diabetes drugs (Metformin)
– Arthritis medications
– Inflammatory bowel disease drugs
– Cholesterol drugs (Lipitor)
– Steroids