Weight Loss

Easy, Effective and Natural

Look Great, Feel Healthy and Live with Confidence

All weight loss programs seem like the same.  It goes something like this…stick to a diet and you’ll lose weight.  But it’s not that simple.  Many challenges can get in the way of losing weight – tasteless diets, stress, lack of confidence and commitment block you to get to your target weight.

At Jodi Weitz Wellness, we are interested in your success.  Our weight loss system is customized for your specific needs so you can lose weight easily and effectively.  We help you solve problems and move through challenges so you can lose weight to achieve your goals.  As a result, you feel healthy and happy while feeling fully supported.

With this weight loss system, you will get:

  • Customized effective weight loss plan
  • Weight loss coaching sessions
  • Weight loss/nutrition tracking app to streamline the metrics of your efforts
  • Solutions, tips and suggestions to keep you losing weight
  • Holistic health advice for optimal energy and vitality


Program Fees:

3 Weeks – $450.00

6 Weeks – $900.00

Expertise You Can Trust

Jodi Weitz, Licensed Acupuncturist and Results Coach, has been successfully treating and healing patients for over 28 years. In addition to Eastern Healing traditions, she has worked with Western and European herbal medicine to effectively overcome challenging health difficulties.

Jodi is passionate in her belief that people deserve to receive high-quality, supportive health care. She uses an innovative approach—implementing traditional Chinese medicine with modern approaches and modalities. She has helped her patients resolve their health issues so they can lead more vital and balanced lives.

Be Elevated. Be Impactful. Be Happy.