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Making New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

Health goals are the leading category of New Year's resolutions, which is why it’s so popular to start diets or a new exercise program in the month of January. One of the most effective ways to make a resolution stick is to check in about your self-perception and...

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3 Ways to Beat Alzheimer’s

The key to avoiding Alzheimer’s is fighting neuroinflammation. How do you do that? Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, says it’s all about lifestyle choices. A healthy lifestyle now is key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease later, says Harvard neurology professor Rudolph Tanzi, PhD,...

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Why 2016 Olympic Winners Love Cupping

When the gold medal is on the line, Olympians will try anything to get results. The latest rave making its mark in Rio is “cupping,” an ancient Chinese therapy meant to increase circulation, alleviate pain, and, some say, sedate the nervous system. The treatment–...

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